gift guide 4: kiddos!

December 03, 2009

This particular gift guide was the most fun for me. I really enjoyed going back to my "roots" as an online merchandiser this week--playing with the image placement and color distribution of each assortment, but the kids stuff is just more fun, no? This group is a random mix of price points, gendered toys and all around eye-candy. From top left to bottom right: 1) Scalloped bunting, $32, My Favourite Dress 2) Spanish Alphabet Stuffed Felt Letters, $40, MiChiMa 3) Little Birdie and Flowers, $32.00, Emilie Friday 4) Hello Giraffe Organic Bib, $13.50, Nell Smith 5) Toadstool Trinket Box, $20.00, The Small Object 6) Car Bingo Game, $28.00, Pilosale 7) Favourite Shoes Gocco Print, $22.00, Magic Jelly 8) Wood Car and Truck Set, $23.00 9) Orange Dot Digger, $55.00, Elsie Marley 10) RVA Girls Paper Doll Set, $12.00, Red Velvet Art 11) Jungle Boogie Print, $20.00, Sugarloop 12) Pinwheel Girl Print, $45.00, Petit Collage 13) Aquatic Cowboy Screenprint, $30.00, Jen Skelley 14) Cloud Mobile, $45, Madeleine Sargent 15) Horse Clock, $18.00, Decoylab 16) Greta is Not Amused Textile, $125.00, Mary's Granddaughter


claire said...

such beautiful colour!

alix said...

Hiya! I found you via our "commenting" discussion on Holly's blog, and thought it fitting to swing by and leave a comment. What a SUPER CUTE & COOL blog you have! I love it. It's amazing how a masthead can immediately make you think, "Oooh, this is my kinda blog." haha.

Please feel free to swing by my space if you have time! (Strawberry Lemonade is a mish mash of vintage finds, style, cool photographers/artists and a splash of personal stuff for good measure). have a great weekend!

Alanna said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, Katie! You made my day :)
These are lovely find too! I will be checking back!


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