sweater mittens, check!

December 13, 2009

I had a very wintery and cozy few days this weekend. I'm really embracing this season which is a new thing for me. We visited our friends out at True North Ranch near Spring Green, Wisconsin. Truely a lovely evening with a snowy drive, delicious dinner and peppermint stick ice cream by the fire.

I worked on a few wintery projects including starting and finishing (well nearly) a pair of sweater mittens based on this tutorial. Mary Jo had a similar pair on display at the craft fair when I met her. I really liked the design so while I tried to think of other more original ideas, I remembered the wise words of Will Smith and his back-up singers: "if it ain't broke then don't...don't try to fix it." I'm not quite done with them, I still need to sew the bottom together hence the creatively cropped image. One red cross came out a little wonky and the thumbs are a little different in length, but I love them just the same. What wintery and cozy things have you done to embrace this season?


Null said...

Spring Green and Taliesin - ahh great memories.

Your wonky mittens are darling. As far as what we've been doing to embrace the season, we've been brunching at our favorite Upper West Side hole in the wall and on this frigid Saturday night, we bundled up and walked the neighborhood to gawk at decorations! I love this time of year.

Jessica Nichols said...

Your mittens are awesome Katie! I made coffee cake yesterday, that is pretty exciting coming from a non-baker. After 8+ years, I recently learned it is one of my husband's favorite things to eat. Who knew?! :)

Anonymous said...

These are awesome Katie :) I love them. I'm heading home to PA for Christmas, I think I need to make myself a pair before I do!

It's hard to embrace winter down here in Tennessee (temp today was 61) but I do start to cook all sorts of wonderful stews when it starts to get "cold." Tonight, a wonderful pork loin and dried plum with mini pearl onion stew that I made this weekend...

Stay warm!

Art Wall Katie said...

Lydia, I love brunching in the winter, the coffee just tastes so much better when it's cold outside. Jessica, I would have totally pegged you as a baker, funny.

The Rotary said...

those mittens are so sweet!

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