art wall fix from lucy snowe

February 18, 2010

Uh, gasp. I want to linger in this corner. Of course it is an excellent photo because the woman behind the lens is photographer Lucy Snowe. We chatted about her on Monday, remember? I think you had to wipe a little drool off of your keyboard?
Lucy included this image in a recent blog post, along with a funny story about her husband which I am still giggling about, days later. It turns out she has a fancy for midcentury modern abstract paintings and furnishings. She put together this little vignette (inspired by Art Wall) while longing for the newness of spring. It's really lovely, Lucy and I think spring is just around the corner.


alix said...

Um, yeah.....helllo. Droolin' here again. I love this!

GoGoSnap! said...

I love this photo. I want to sit here and eat green apples all days long and read a good book!

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