meet art wall artist: 2ndComing

February 26, 2010

I think perhaps 2ndComing is the lionheart of cultural imagery. Look through her Etsy store and you'll see what I mean--striking drawings, check. Striking themes, double check. What are the musings of an artist with spunk? Wonder no more.

(AW) Have you always been an artist?
(2C) I don't know if I ever considered myself an artist until very recently. Growing up I always took art classes and surrounded myself with art in all its forms. All the best friends I've had in life have been creatives. Art is something that I've always fallen back into by default; it's followed me around constantly tapping me on the shoulder, waiting for my acknowledgement. It's only been within the last 2 years that I've had the courage to admit to myself, I want to be an artist, and darn it, I am an artist!

(AW) Your work is fearless--what inspires you to make pieces that speak to or comment on the cultural themes that you do?
(2C) There are themes that I keep addressing because I am attracted to the idea of them, such as Gender dynamics, Race, Sexuality and Childhood. However, I don't have a clear-cut opinion on any of these themes. They just genuinely fascinate me and keep me engaged during the whole creative process. These are the themes I can relate to being a woman, being black, being a wife and coming to terms with what it means to be an adult. I can draw on any of these themes and create a piece of work that is honest.

(AW) Do you have a specific audience in mind when you make work?
(2C) I always think about close friends I've made in my life. What would make them laugh, what would make them think? If my work makes you do either of those things then you are the audience I'm speaking to.

(AW) How would you describe your aesthetic?
(2C) I think my aesthetic very much embodies who I am as a person. My work is always centered in the realm of reality because I'm a very sensible, responsible person. I'm in no way the stereotype of a flakey, head in the clouds artist. My work has a minimalist aspect because I have a very straight-to-the-point, no-small-talk, no frills, no filler attitude. If I had to sum up my style in 3 words, they would be multi-layered, bold, and purposeful.

(AW) Could you talk a bit about your creative process?
(2C) Every piece of work I create always starts with an idea. The concept is the foundation of every successful piece I've completed. My ideas are what sets me apart from others. I can't create an image that exists solely for the sake of being pretty; there are plenty of artists out there who are exponentially better at making something beautiful than I.
After I have my foundation concept, I clear my mind, close my eyes and let the image come to me. I ask myself, "What image would most succinctly convey my concept?" After that is sorted out, it's just the simple matter of making my concept tangible.

(AW) Creating something concrete out of an abstract thought--a challenge to be sure. Thank you, 2ndComing, for putting your thoughts into prints, and for sharing your ideas.

2ndComing's "Self Portrait" is hanging on the Master Bedroom wall on Art Wall. And for more thought-inducing works, visit her Esty shop. She also curates vintage clip art at TheHipClip--stunning stuff.

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What amazing a kick out of the girl with her head in the bag! Beautiful colors and imagery.

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