my top 12: numerals!

March 02, 2010

So, I was thinking of doing a top-10 post every Tuesday but when I was making this collage, I realized 12 is a better number--both because it makes a prettier assortment, and because I found exactly 12 things I love with numerals--of which I couldn't bear to ditch 2, 12 Tuesday it is! I love the look of any kind of typography in the home, but lately I've been partial to numbers vs. letters. Here's my absolute favorites from top left to bottom right:
1) Signage, $68.00, Three Potato Four
2) Make the Numbers Dance Letterpress Print, $25.00, Green Chair Press
3) Vintage Golf Flag, $36.00, Three Potato Four
4) Numbered Edition Napkins, $195.00, Artful Home
5) Cash Register Price Flags, $8.00, Three Potato Four
6) Even Number Dinner Plates, Christopher Jagmin
7) Old Metal Number (8), $6.00, Sadie Olive
8) Ordinal Dresser, $998.00, Anthropologie
9) Original Papercut and Collage, $45.oo, Made By Anna
10) 529 5x7 Photo, $10.00 Pixelimpress
11) French Enamel Street sign, $22.00, The Pudding Store
12) No. 7 Grain Sack Pillow, $250.00, Three Fine Grains



Krista said...

Lovely. I like the idea of Top 12 Tuesdays. I really like the Cash Register Price Flags and the Ordinal Dresser!

pixelimpress said...

lovely choices katie. i love the numbered napkins... i've been wanting some of those for awhile. cute blog! pam

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