tuesday's top 12: mother's day picks

April 27, 2010

The countdown is on! If you missed it, check out my top picks for Gocco'd Mother's Day cards on the Save Gocco blog. This collection is more gift-oriented for your mother, your grandmother, your wife or yourself.
1) Custom Portrait Painting of your wee-one, from $275.00
2) A spring posy picked from your garden, FREE! (Image: Virdigris Jane)
3) Cornucopia of Discovery Print, $30.00, Laura Mae Dooris
4) Small Stoneware Bottle, $40.00, Sara Paloma
5) Black Carved Wood Bird, $15.00, Jayson Home and Garden
6) Paynes Ombre Coffee Cozy, $11.00, aemcdraw
7) Oversized Custom Silhouette Portrait, from $30.00, Simply Silhouettes
8) I.D. tags for your herb garden, $5.00/set, StudioDelve
9) Washing all the outside windows for your mommy or your honey, FREE! (Image: atf300)
10) Crocheted Pouf, 120 Euros, Le Souk
11) This one is a pipe-dream but has been on my "some day" list for so long: a pair of turquoise blue vintage Murano lamps, $3,995.00, 1st Dibs
12) Good Garden Pocket Moleskine, $10.00, Juniperberry


Sharon said...

All so lovely and here is free Mother's day artwork I designed that you can download and make photo props, cards or gifts from!


Anonymous said...

I like these all - but the best is the CLEAN WINDOWS! ;-)

Art Wall Katie said...

Candy- I so agree. Should we pass on the hint?

Art Wall Katie said...

Thank you! That's really cute.

aemcdraw said...

Thank you so much for including me in these wonderful pieces!

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