tuesday's top 12: madison's best

May 25, 2010

I thought I'd mix it up this week with my top 12 and mention the things I love about the city I call home. A lot of these "faves" revolve around the summer, which seems to have set in overnight around here. I'm ready for each and every one of these...like now!

1) I mean, come on. Who wouldn't list this as #1? The Memorial Union Terrace is by far the most special place in town. Image: Todd Klassy.
2) Old fashioned goodness: Michael's Frozen Custard. Image: Mikomiao.
3) One of the many free things to do in town: the Henry Vilas Zoo is also among the best. Image: Madison Guy.
4) My favorite restaurant, Sardine, which overlooks lake Monona. Image: wdlindmeier.
5) Another favorite eatery, this one in coffee-shop form: Cafe Soleil. Image: Tim B.
6) The Memorial Union--more than just a place to booze. The Craft Shop offers hundreds of mini-classes, most under $100. Image: Wisconsin Union.

7) Rated among the best in America, the Dane County Farmer's Market is a summer staple. Image: Brandon W.
8) The Hoofers Sailing Club co-op offers unlimited lessons and access to over 50 boats for $250/summer. Image: Todd Klassy.
9) My favorite theatre in the world, not really in Madison, but not far from it: American Player's Theatre. Image: Carissa Dixon.
10) Another family favorite: the new Madison Children's Museum. Image: Madison Children's Museum.
11) Our own little piece of Park City: the Sundance Theatre in Madison. I refuse to see a show anywhere else. Image: Sundance Theatre in Madison.
12) I'll take any excuse for a picnic under the stars: Concerts in the Square. Image: Bo Mackison.

Have you been here before? Did I miss anything?


Null said...

aww, i miss concerts on the square. i totally knew that was michael's before i even scrolled down.

jillyellow said...

I've heard its a great city! I would love to visit someday!

aquaroxygal2 said...

You missed Ian's Pizza and homemade ice cream in Memorial Union.

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