tuesday's top 12: triangles

May 18, 2010

Do you have a favorite shape? Until recently, I would have given the circle my best marks. I've been noticing a lot of triangles around recently and I think it might be my new shape of choice. Here's 12 super-duper examples:

1) We Make Sense Poster, $12, Bubbo
2) Yellow and Brown Felt Garland, $20, Littleseeta
4) Multicolored Flag Necklace Camo, $65.00, Scoutholiday
5) Modern Art Print-Triangle, $10.00, AcquiredDesign
6) La Fete Pillow Cover Ciel, $35.00, Hazel and Hunter
7) Wonder No. 2 Limited Edition Fine Art Photograph, $150.00, Roadside Photographs
8) Triangles Pillow Cover, BeStillShop
9) Magnetic Wall Art Shapes Set, $34.00 AU, HJRD Design
11) White Mountain Fine Art Print, $30.00, Brandi Strickland
12) A Perfect Love Triangle, $24.00, Every Eskimo


jodie said...

square. all the way. in fact someone commented on my artwork last weekend that i needed to break out of my "squareness." no thanks.

Helen said...

Ooh wow, what an incredible site I've just stumbled across! And thank you HEAPS for including my magnetic fabric decals in your Tuesday top 12 triangles, this is such a fab site - am spreading the word!

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