fan favorites: mary r.

June 25, 2010

I'm very excited to introduce you to my friend Mary R. who did this week's "fan favorites" interview. Mary's one of my local gals, she was one of my first new friends here in Madison. Did I tell you what great friends I have here in Madison? Well, you'll see. She's one of those unique specimens that just flat-out has great taste, fabulous style and always seems put-together. She values quality over quantity (a trait I struggle with) and generally makes good choices in her wardrobe and home. She was one of my first friends to make a purchase from Art Wall, and continues to be a super customer. Here she is!

(AW) What is your favorite piece from Art Wall?
(MR) My favorite piece is Jenny Lee Fowler's silhouette. There is something very whimsical and old fashioned about them. I love the classic look of the black paper against a white background. I also like the way Jenny gives them a modern, natural twist by cutting them out of leaves and birch bark. I can't wait to get some made of my kids! Now if only I can get them to sit still long enough for the profile picture.

(AW) What is your favorite childhood summer memory?
(MR) Watching the World Cup this year has brought back some of my favorite childhood summer memories of playing soccer. I started playing when I was seven and by the time I was twelve I was very busy with soccer. Summers were time for camps and tournaments all over the US. Camps were a week long at various different colleges. Our free time was spent messing around campus, eating meals in the dining halls, and spending the nights in the dorms, all with your best girl friends. It was like going to college in your early teenage years without the studying. The tournaments involved traveling by airplane or long car rides to different cities. Many thanks to the parents that drove and chaperoned these trips. We were wild!

(AW) What is your favorite item in your handbag?
(MR) My Kate Spade Tatum Sunglasses. They were a splurge when I bought them about 6 or 7 years ago at a cute little store that used to be on State Street in Madison. I can't believe I still have them and haven't lost or broken them! They're oversized but not too big, and comfortable for wearing all day. Plus, they have the cutest bright green case that is easy to find in my monsterous purse/diaper bag.

(AW) Yes! I remember eyeing that case before in your bag, I love it. Speaking of splurges, what is a luxury item on your wish list?
(MR) A Madeline Weinrib rug. I first saw them in Domino Magazine years ago and have wanted one ever since. I always make a trip to ABC Carpet and Home when I visit my sister in New York. Last time I was there, I finally made it to the top floor where the Madeline Weinrib Atelier is. The rugs are even more gorgeous in person! I love all the colors that she uses, bright pinks, oranges and lavender. I have recently moved to a new, old house with all wood floors. I would love to have a rug for every room! I want a zig-zag rug for caroline's room , a striped one for Max's nursery, an Ikat for my room and a big 9x12 seed rug for the living room. Is that too much to ask for?

(AW) Of course not! Very reasonable requests, I think. Now, moving from the living room to the closet: who is your favorite clothing designer?
(MR) Anything from Anthropologie. I have always dressed casual and I think the clothes there are casual yet pretty and a little bohemian. I've bought so much over the years from the sale rack. You can always find a good deal. I love Joe's jeans and Level 99. I tend to like the tops by Sanctuary, Odille, Ella Moss and Splendid. (Image: AvSanten)

(AW) Sigh, a girl after my own heart. Those are some of my very favorite brands, too. We could tear up ABC and Anthro. together, me and you. Can I tag along on your next trip to the big apple?


Amy / Handmade Evolution said...

that leaf silhouette is absolutely incredible! off to bookmark their shop. hope the artwall gals have a great weekend :)

Sarah said...

Mary does have great taste and style ... and I love all of those rugs; uh-oh, something else to add to the list.

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