tuesday's top 12: father's day picks

June 01, 2010

Just in case you have a father, a grandfather or a husband, I've put together a list of 12 things I think my father, grandfather or husband would love on dad's day. No, there will not be a steak-brander or a monogrammed chef's hat but yes, there will be a set of cuff-links.

1) Custom silhouette art of a special photo by Jenny Lee Fowler
2) Stock your fridge and shelves with his favorites. My husband loves Skittles, Sprite, butter-pecan ice cream and hint-of-lime Tostidos. My dad likes radishes, buttermilk, and crispy oatmeal cookies. Image: Amazon.com
3) A linen pocket-square or hankie from Miniature Rhino, for that summer wedding on the calendar.
4) This contraption may save a few marriages. Just whistle and the keys will announce where they where carelessly tossed.
5) Would dad like some time to hobby? Sign him up for a local woodworking or small engine class. Image: Bed, Bath and Beyond.
6) A "doubles" lesson would be cherished time spent together. My husband has been wanting to try this stand-up paddling for a while now. Image: Seabreeze.com
7) Does he have a dream car? More importantly, are you rich?
8) If you answered #7 with "yes" then "no" find a photograph of his dream car and have it framed.
9) Ah yes, the cufflinks. These really are special, complete with a silhouette of his child or a grandchild.
10) Every guy needs a good stylish man bag.
11) Does he have a chore he doesn't love? Surprise him by doing it yourself or do what I do and hire a service. Image: Fairway Lawns.
12) This one is last but probably the most important: schedule time with your dad, grand-dad or husband. It's what he wants the most, trust me. Image: Graffeo Coffee.


Euphoria said...

Great post and helpful advice!!! Specially beacuse I have four brothers and I always try to be original with their presents and I end up buying tshirts for all of them.
Lovely blog! I´ll come back.

Gina said...

Great post! I love Graffeo coffee! I bring it home every time I go out there!

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