tuesday's top 12: planning a porch party

June 15, 2010

I'm in the middle of planning for an outdoor dinner party coming up in a few weeks. There's a group of 12 or so couples who get together for monthly meals, either at a restaurant or at someone's home. I'm in charge of June, but instead of making a menu like I should be, my mind is floating to the table. I'll probably end up using things I already have for the most part, buuuut it might be fun to indulge in a few new party things. Here's my top 12 picks for festive outdoor entertaining:summer outdoor partyFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

1) My favorite feature for summer atmosphere: bistro lights.
2) The inspiration for the color-scheme, 2 new Paper Source colors: peacock and persimmon circle cards and square envelopes.
3) I thought these galvanized drywall mud pans would make nice tea-light containers, with sand in the bottom from the beach.
4) What's more summery than drinking a vodka-lemonade from a mason jar mug?
5) I have fond memories of cranking out ice cream on hot summer nights with a White Mountain machine. There's just something about the process involved that makes the ice cream so rewarding.
6) Environmentally friendly Bambu plates. Luckily, they're cute too.
7) A suzani-inspired tablecloth from Anthropologie.
8) Pretty yellow napkins.
9) The Porch Parties book --just for fun.
10) Even plain water would look good in this drink dispenser.
11) I'm really into this straight, simple glass salad bowl. The prettier the salad, the better.
12) The verdict is still out on whether you would get mouth-splinters, but the cuteness factor, paired with the green-ness would make this flatware worth a try.



Courtney said...

I love the color palette! And for an event this big...I think a few new purchases are definitely in order!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Were having a Ravinia party tonight and filling mason jars (no lid of course) with votive candles. If the jar tips over the candle goes out. using these for "summer luminaries" to light the path.

Art Wall Katie said...

Ahh, Ravinia!! I'm so jealous.

Amy / Handmade Evolution said...

loving the items you've put together so far... i'm similar possibly, for any type of event my first thoughts are of the decor, secondly dessert, and third the more practical food part of things ;) hope your event is really fun!

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