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August 06, 2010

Today's fan favorite comes from an old-time friend of mine from High School, Kate Dawson. Back in the day, she drove a red VW bug convertible at age 16 and started a rhinestone collection practically at birth. Lately, she's up to all kinds of neat stuff: she wrote, produced and starred in: The A**hole in my head (check out the recent write-up in the link by "ahem"the New York Times.) She also makes hilarious mini webA**odes revolving around the theme of her show, and her dream of meeting Queen Oprah. Kate is also involved with Rockethub, a genius grassroots idea created to fuel amazing projects of creatives. It really deserves its own post, and will be coming soon. Anyway, as you can see, she's kindof a menagerie of interestingness, Kate:

(AW) What's your favorite piece from Art Wall?
(KD) There are SO many pieces on Art Wall that I love, but I think my favorite is Jess Swift's Summer Breeze probably because it's very similar to the style of the old vintage Buzza prints...which I just so happen to collect! What's Buzza you ask?? Well here's a little blurb from Buzza was a Minneapolis gift greeting company established in 1907 by George Buzza. Originally created as a company which sold collage advertising posters, Buzza later began selling greeting cards. The company created many different motto verses about mothers and homes as well as inspirational themes about friendship, joy, sorrow, and love. The cards and posters were known for their bright colors and interesting papers used.

(AW) Okay then! Interesting little history tidbit, I actually think I have one of those stashed in the basement somewhere..a ballerina. Moving on...what is your most cherished handmade posession?
(KD) Without a doubt, it's the painting (black ink and watercolor) my Mom drew of my favorite role I've played to date. It was the role of Lili in the musical Carnival! She found one of the press pictures online and it inspired her stunning illustration that still excites me when I walk past it daily. She's an extroidinary artist and it's one of my most prized possessions.

(AW) What's tops on your wishlist?
(KD) I have a weakness for Chanel, and this STUNNING and elegant, utterly classy pair of Chanel shoes are BEGGING to be mine...I fear I will have to let them down. Total Grace Kelly. Totally fabulous.

(AW) Georgeous! I'm a Loeffler Randall girl, myself, and sadly, I've been having to "let her down" as you say, a lot lately. Switching gears to a bit of a lower price-point, what is your favorite item in your home under $10?
(KD) My Mom found this beautiful Art Deco ash tray for $10 at a garage sale in Illinois--and while I don't smoke, I have found it to be an excellent holder for my pearls.

(AW) I'm sensing a theme here: art deco, pearls, glamor. What's your favorite place to be in the world?
(KD) That would have to be my parents cottage at Epworth-Assembly in Ludington, Michigan. The cottage has been in our family for 2 generations, and it is just the most relaxing and beautiful place in the world. It's on the side of a dune, nestled in with dozens of other cottages, and the view of Lake Michigan from the deck is simply spectacular (and did I mention the cottage is only about 100 steps from the beach?) But not only is Epworth's also filled with families who have all been going there for generations, so everyone knows everyone. It's a true respite from the world, and I ache for it all year long.

Thank you so much, Kate, a really beautiful assortment of favorites.

Hey, New Yorkers, check out Kate's show on August 30th, 7:00 at Birdland: 315 W. 44th St.

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