new original work from annamaria potamiti

August 11, 2010

If you remember the past work of Annamaria Potamiti, and her work displayed in Art Walls's Bedroom you will notice a sharp change in her voice between the former and the new. As Annamaria puts it in her blog: "I had this really strong urge to pick up my brushes and just paint everything in my home. I felt my work was becoming very graphic and I missed the sensous way in which an oil painter engaged in their subject matter."

Annamaria goes on to say that immersing herself in oil painting again was "awkward" from the beginning... "strange and totally gratifying, like eating big chocolate bars all day!" I say, if the voice in your head starts to change it's tune, it's time to listen to it. Congratulations on all your great new pieces, Annamaria. They're beautiful!


Linz said...

i like her new pieces as well. there's just something beautiful and old-fashioned about oil painting that i love. it's amazing the things people can do with photoshop and corel paint and funky new media, but...i don't think anything can truly replace traditional watercolor, oil painting, etc.

Charlene Uban said...

I like the way the light hits the apple in the 3rd painting, and also the bowl of eggs with the chicken figure (egg timer). Their shapes have a nice full look of volume of them.

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