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January 12, 2011

Valentine's day is my favorite holiday for decorations. I'm certainly a fan of the actual day, but I'd be happy with some tulips and a sweet card, I'm low maintenance. It's not really the holiday I look forward to, it's the chance to liven and brighten things up a bit after the more, well, wintry colors of Christmas. I also enjoy giving gifts and cards more this time of year, it's less pressure, less expected and just sweeter, I don't know.

Last year, I used a lot of oranges and beiges mixed with pinks and reds for my Valentine cards and decorations. This year, I was inspired by the two images below from the current Lonny mag. Pink and turquoise are just lovely together, so perfect to combat the winter doldrums in Wisconsin. Again, consulting my 2011 intentions, I held back the urge to buy new pretty-pretties, and found more than I needed in my stash. I took a quick pic. (above) before everything turned into a big huge mess (not pictured.)

I made a "corsage" of sorts for my winter wreath and some mini heart-day banners for my feather trees, I've still got some cut-and-pasting to do so I'll wait 'till I'm done for show and tell.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful matching of a color palette. I would like to spend a day making hand made valentines or any kind of cards really. Thanks for the inspiration :)

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