cuckoo clock installation from the land of wandawega

March 11, 2011

Okay, I'm still thinking about Camp Wandawega, remember my post from last Friday? I am in awe of Teresa Surratt's ability to put together collections using unexpected things.

This grouping of 5 cuckoo clocks was hunted, gathered, painted and installed by Teresa for her new baby daughter's nursery at the camp. I love that it's not all girly pink and yellow.

Darnit if they don't make me want to hit up ebay for some of my own, they look so charming.

I also included a few more shots of the nursery because it's that kind of room. Paint by numbers mural, vintage crib and light fixture, painted blue floors...check! Baby Charlie is going to love her trips to Wisconsin.



Metal Wall Art said...

These cuckoo clocks are so beautiful. These can be a good clock and great design in your home.

Sister Shirley said...

Love these cuckoo clocks! What a wonderful idea. I'm always so inspired when I see something familiar reinvented in such a creative and engaging way. Thank you! said...

Something more made in italy solution?

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