art wall fix from moline

December 17, 2009

Inspiration...preparation...realization. Moline is a crafty mother of three who gets addicted easily. You know, the usual: fabric, paper, crafting, sewing, stitching, crocheting, felting, collaging, knitting, photography. These images are from one of her projects from this past year. The first image is from the German magazine "Living and More." Moline bookmarked it for inspiration because she loved the mix-and-match aspect. She fancies assortments which are more color-themed so she gathered together her green artwork, agonized over the arrangement for some time (second image) and came out with a fabulous composition for her laundry room (third image). How would you like to fold laundry on that dresser? Many of the pieces are her own work, and if her style looks like something you'd want to get your hands on, she even has an Etsy shop featuring some of her collages and supplies. Thanks for sharing a little pretty on the Art Wall Flickr group, Moline.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! Thanks a lot for thinking of me AND telling me as well!
Hugs from the laundry room!

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