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December 18, 2009

Tried and true, four things I recommend...
Tried and true, four things I recommend: 1) Words cannot describe the love I have for this pillow I got for my girl. I finally understand what the phrase: "so cute it hurts" means. Buttercupbloom on Etsy. 2) If you have a latte/cappuccino/espresso addiction, the Breville Espresso Maker will pay for itself in 3 months. In all seriousness, I use it every single day (sometimes more than once) and it beats all the $5.00/cup options out there. 3) Potter's Crackers--simply put: the most delicious crackers in the country/world/universe/state of Wisconsin. Trust me, they look a little "hearty" but the flavors are deee-vine. 4) If you have a love/hate relationship with organizing like me, the Rotex Label Maker will push you a little bit more toward the love. I scored mine on Ebay for $7.00. Image: UNIFORM natural.

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alix said...

You are adorable....I love all this! I was giggling because the first two were home runs for me (looooove coffee....looooove that pillow) and then I saw the crackers and thought "hmmm, those look a tad healthy" but then your description had that comment about them looking deceptively hearty...heehee. I'll give 'em a try!!

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