other greats from christmas 2009

December 31, 2009

Here's a few more greats from Christmas 2009. This is a painting my sister-in-law Danielle made for us. Isn't it interesting? Dani was an art teacher before she retired to raise her own burgeoning artists. She doesn't have an online shop yet but I'm pushing it. Another favorite from this year is the Raggedy Ann doll my husband's 85-year-old Grandmother made for my girl. It's nearly as big as she is and every part was hand-assembled. My sweet P will have it the rest of her life, I'm sure.

Speaking of my husband's grandmother, she stole the show with her gift-giving this year. The best was her present to my previously mentioned sister-in-law, Danielle. She had a small, elegantly wrapped box that was presented to Dani with a speech about how she had waited and waited for the right moment to pass down this sentimental heirloom. Dani welled up--as did many of us-- as she opened the box with care to find a perfectly-preserved Christmas G-string inside! She got Dani back after "Santa" special-delivered the same pair to her last Christmas Eve, she had been plotting her revenge ever since. Bravo, kudos, and high-fives, Norma!


Null said...

Raggedy Ann and g-strings. . .this is gonna be one hell of a great 2010. Cheers to you and your darlings!

Anna said...

my Aunt Opal made each one of her great nieces a raggedy anne & andy doll set just like this. my favorite part was that she handstiched a heart on each dolls torso. thanks for bringing back some great memories!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the perfect gag gift - ALWAYS the best present in the house when done well! hilarious!

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