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December 29, 2009

I decided to take some time this weekend and refresh the Entryway, both in real life and on the Art Wall website. I did something very unusual and removed all my Christmas decor right away, in part because my tree looked so sad after dying a thirst-induced death, and also because I was just ready to move on early this year. Art Wall's Entryway got a little spiff-up this weekend too and I'm really happy with how it turned out. All of the artists are the same save one Jessica from Miniature Rhino whose lovely heart sampler sold out and in turn had to be removed. Jessica has been stitching her little fingers to the bone so we know she deserves a break. Some of the other artwork was simply switched out: same artists, different pieces. I plan on updating the pages every month or so to keep them fresh. Change feels good this time of year, no?


Laura said...

Hi Katie,
I just found Art Wall at the beginning of Dec and it is such a wonderful find!
I too feel ready to clear away all my decorations early this year, appart from some fairy lights which I think will be a year round feature in my living room now!
I want to wish you peace and joy in the new year and will visit your wall often :)

Art Wall Katie said...

Hi, hi. Thanks for your sweet comments. We leave fairy lights on a tree outside all year. I love to have them on in the summertime evenings. Peace and joy to you too!

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