last call for valentines

February 08, 2010

Would you rather receive a Valentine made with love or by factory? That's what I thought! I already put together three Valentine-themed assortments earlier in the year: 1, 2, and 3. I thought I'd send V-day off with a big bang and throw out one more pretty collection. With 6 days left, you've got just enough time to make sure you don't leave your honey feeling blue when all (s)he needs is a little pink, purple and/or red. From top left to bottom right: 1) "The Tree in the Summer" print, $10.00, Anna Maria Potamiti 2) Tree Climbing screenprint, $30.00, Love Little 3) Soldier's Hope print, $25.00, Laura Mae Dooris 4) Forever print in pink, $20.00 Ameliamae 5) You Plus Me print in coral, $20.00, Ameliamae 6) Lighthearted photographic print, $70.00, Jennifer Squires 7) Live What You Love, $30.00, Hijirik 8) Clearly Love Valentine, $5.00, Paperday Studio 9) Ducks at Sunset, $25.00, Lucy Snowe 10) Queen of Hearts, $18.00, Khristian A. Howell 11) Pink Day print, $20.00 Kiki and Polly 12) Cotton Candy, $35.00, Jennifer Squires 13) Night Owl Clock, $30.00, Decoylab 14) Red Coliseum Print, $25.00, Laura Mae Dooris 15) 2 Crazy Bunnies in Love card $4.50, 2ndComing 16) Little Red Bird at Sunset, $25.00, Lucy Snowe


Rachael said...

So lovely, I would love my art on here.

Jennifer Squires Ross said...

Oh Katie! It's so pretty! Thanks for including my photographs - you rock!

Piper said...

What a great collection, I love these images. I got a good laugh from the crazy love bunnies card :)!!

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