the dining room, refreshed

March 25, 2010

It's spring cleaning time! I'm busy at home re-arranging, hanging, cleaning up, clearing out, freshening-up and organizing. I love this time of year.

My favorite of all the spring chores is removing all the storm windows in lieu of screens (yes, our windows are old) and dare I say I actually enjoy the window-washing process. I do it little-by-little, one room per day or so.

Art Wall got a little freshening-up this week too in the form of a newly decorated dining room with pretty spring blues and greens. Same artists, different pieces. Check it out.

Any re-decorating on your list this spring? What's tops on your list of things to do for the season?


JenRem said...

Want to come to my house next to spring clean? I will purchase some wine and whatever meal you would like as payment :)

snoweflake farm said...

I love the fresh spring colors!!!

Valerie Drake Lesiak said...

I am a fan of Art Wall. The drawings are wonderful!

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