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March 26, 2010

Have you met Michelle Ward? She's the upbeat, inspiring creative career coach behind When I Grow Up, where she helps creatives who are at a crossroads between their passion and their "day job." Michelle just recently quit her day job to pursue coaching full-time (congrats Michelle!). She's here today to share some of her recent favorites with us.

(AW) What's your favorite piece from Art Wall?
(MW) I'm so biased, I'm in love with Jess Gonacha Swift's art and You Simply Glow is simply amazing. I actually commissioned Jess to do a piece for my husband and I as a housewarming gift for ourselves for our first home, & it's the most amazing of everything amazing. Jess was actually a client of mine & we're collaborators together over at Spring, but before all of that it was just me going through her site and sighing, thinking it would be so cool to own her art & be her friend. I'm so lucky that I've gotten both her artwork & her friendship!

(AW) What is your most cherished handmade possession?
(MW) I have to go with my custom birdcage veil from CastleBride Couture. It was just the epitome of me, & it made me feel so classy & gorgeous (which ain't the norm!). Kirsten was a dream to work with, & I think I got more compliments on "my little hat" than anything else that day. Except for the chocolate peanut butter pie. Mmmm....chocolate peanut butter pie...
(wedding day image: Kate Leigh)

(AW) What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working?
(MW) There's so much I love doing on a day off, I don't know how I can possibly pick a fave! The thing that immediately comes to mind is packing up the Sunday Times or a great book, grabbing an iced-coffee, & heading to the park with my husband. We used to live near Riverside Park on the Upper West Side, & there were benches facing the water that just had our names on 'em. Now we live near a new park but haven't been there yet--it's been too cold since we moved in November. I just know a new spot is waiting. On a gorgeous day, there's nowhere else I want to be & nothing I'd rather do.
(Oil painting of Riverside Park by Ella Yang. Image: Ella Yang).

(AW) What's your favorite item in your handbag?
(MW) My Mom got tipped off that I wanted the Moleskine 2010 Daily Planners, which are a color a month box set. Every month is a different vibrant color, with a simple number on the cover to represent which month it is. While I can't go anywhere without my Google Calendar on my iPhone, I use my Moleskine planners to loosely map out my day, making sure I take care of the to dos without going too crazy. And they're so bright & pretty--they make me happy just looking at 'em!
(Image: Moleskines)

(AW) What's your favorite new item for spring?
(MW) I've become an adorned headband junkie, & it's so my hat for bad hair days. Being the quirky girl I am, I flock right to the flowers & feathers. LovMely, Featherbrain & LiveInStyle have great selections (I think the one pictured above is my fave!), but sometimes you can score great ones at Target (shhh-it's our secret!).
(Headband image: LiveInStyle)

(AW) I won't tell a soul, Michelle (wink). Thanks ever-so-much for this chat and the little peek inside your life (and your handbag).


Michelle | When I Grow Up said...

Thanks so much for this interview, Katie! Just reading it & seeing the collage you did brought a smile to my face. ArtWall is the best!

Paige said...

I am loving your planner, Michelle. Very cool! Thanks for sharing all of the "quirky" things that make up the "When I Grow Up Coach".

Art Wall Katie said...

Michelle- your pics are so colorful and pretty. I loved putting this together.

Emily said...

Michelle Ward featured on this already fabulous blog - it's like an explosion of ooey gooey goodness. Love it! Cheers to you both!

jacqueline said...

Dearest Katie, this is such a wonderful interview. :) Michelle is sooo fabulous and inspirational! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

Y'all can't see me, but know there's blushy cheeks & toothy grinning a plenty! Thanks to you all!

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