tuesday's top 12: tents, teepees and tents

April 07, 2010

I've had tents on the brain a bit lately. We just returned from our spring trip to Pacific Grove California, have you heard of it? It is bordered by 2 more-famous spots: Monterey and Carmel but it has an appeal all its own. The area began as a church retreat and each of the tiny cottages by the beach started as tents on 30x60 lots. Slowly, "fixed" parts were added or the tent was fully replaced to form a tiny-house haven. We stayed in this little charmer right by the beach.

Anyway, I digress. Tents and teepee's for this week's top 12. Enjoy!

1) Camp Out print, $28.00, Jess Gonacha Swift
2) Diane Que's 5th place winner in Booooooom's "Where the Wild Things Are" fort contest. Image: Diane Que
3) Magical Summer Evening photographic print, $35.00, Jennifer Squires
4) Bird on Tent archival print, $18.00, Rachel Austin

5) Boutique Play Teepee, $139.00, The Hunni Bees Knees
6) Take Me Camping acrylic painting on canvas, $60.00, Shelby Healey
7) White Tent fine art print, $25.00, Gretchen Mist
8) Yurts, Living in the Round book, $16.49, Amazon

9) I found the work of Trent Miller at the Sundance Theatre in Madison. This piece is titled: "Big Top." Image: Trent Miller
10) I think I would "hack" this up a bit but you can't deny the charm of this Canopy from Pottery Barn Kids. Image: Pottery Barn
11) Pool Cabana at the Viceroy Palm Springs. Image: The Viceroy Palm Springs
12) A "camp" site at El Capitan Canyon. Glamping (glamorous camping) at its best. Image: El Capitan Canyon


Null said...

These scream solitude, playfulness, and a return to youthful freedom - what a neat roundup! The formal qualities, especially the simplified forms, are joyful reminders of the easy days of spring and summer. Perfect end to the winter, right?!

Rebecca Stees said...

My sister was married at the Viceroy!

I loved making tents and forts with my blankets as a kid!

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