It's a good thing my last name isn't trump

April 04, 2010

I have a problem. Every time I go on vacation I decide I need to become a local... literally. I check out the nearby real estate market and seem to always find a deal that "shouldn't be resisted," "can't be passed up" and "won't be around again." Cape Cod had me yearning for a little bitty cedar-shake covered cottage by the beach for "investment purposes," of course. Take me within 20 miles of any lake in Wisconsin and I'm furiously searching the MLS for deals. Lately I've been dreaming of a little house by the sea here in the Monterey Bay area.

This little beauty is for sale across the street from our rented cottage. It's a block to the beach heading right, and a block to downtown heading left. I'm rather thankful my last name is not Trump or by now, I'd have so many little bits and pieces of property strewn across the continental US that keeping track of them would be a full-time job. Does anyone else do this? Is there a cure for it?


Anonymous said...

YES! It IS a disease! Although I never buy lottery tickets, when the jackpot gets high and the news people start talking about it...I can literally spend HOURS daydreaming about where I would buy houses!!!!!

The Rotary said...

Ha, yes! Every time my boyfriend & I go on vacation we inevitably find ourselves seeking imaginary jobs & picking out homes we will live in.

lou said...

actually i don't as here in the area there is nothing that i'd ever consider to own BUT if i'd be where YOU live i'd do it. definitely. and i'd be whining and crying over such finds as this sweet little turquoise hose. it is beautiful! :-)

JenRem said...

Wow this house is beautiful. I want to live here too! Always loved a colorful home. :)

Tania Metalli said...

Same here. I'm a city girl, but when I visit the countryside I dream of living in a cute cottage, and I actually start looking around, checking prices and availability :-)

Lori said...

Lol! I do the same thing! Right now, I have imaginary houses in FL on the beach, downtown Charleston, Italy, do I need to continue? ;-) Yes, those were my last vacation spots. ;-) It is terrible. Sigh!

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