why i chose a hotel because of the floors

April 02, 2010

Hello folks! I'm taking a break from posting a "Fan Favorites" today as I'm on vacation in Californai-ayyy. So, what's on my mind this day? It's the little things...literally. I'm sitting in my hotel's cafe looking at the beautiful floors and I just remembered that when I reserved our room in December, it might have been the memory of these floors that forced me to hit "book it." It's a little hard to see in the image I grabbed above, but the hardwoods are cut endwise (not lengthwise) and positioned like 2x3 tiles in a subway-ish pattern. They are stained the darkest ebony and they are stunning.

It feels a little silly admitting that I chose a hotel for the floors, but it also makes a lot of sense. I'm someone who has been known to pick a restaurant for the table-setting, a coffee shop for its counter top and a home for its wood walls so I'm not surprised. Design choices matter to people. They matter and people make decisions based on them. Great food, comfortable beds and excellent service are always important in picking a return-trip for me but in the long run, I'm happy basing my decision on what makes my eyes happy, and my eyes are happy right now.



The Rotary said...

Not silly at all! Those really are some handsome floors.

Enjoy your trip!

annamaria potamiti said...

I hope you are having lots of great fun!Yes- lovely floors indeed-
Annamaria :)

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