tuesday's top 12: succulents

June 22, 2010

This week's top 12 was inspired by LeeFee Studio's succulent photograph from the Art Wall Porch. I love the colors, texture and just want to jump into the image and touch those petals. I'm a sensory person, what can I say?
It was easy to find 11 other "succulent-themed" items on the web that caught my eye. From top left:
1) Rosettes in Green, $17.00, LeeFee Studio
2) Cactus Garden Mirror, $3.00, PaperSparrow
3) Wood Routing (Succulent 2), $40.00, Deav
4) Succulent Bouquet, $90.00, Floricultcha
5) Living Succulent Wreath, $39.00, Norpigt
6) Tiny Tiny Terrarium, $5.50, Tortoise Loves Donkey
8) Cactus and Succulents Sandwich Plate, $24.00, Villarreal Ceramics
9) Hens and Chicks Echeveria Succulent Garden, $38.00, Monkeysalwayslook
10) Silver Two Finger Succulent Ring, $600.00, GretchenWalker
11) Deep Green Sea Airplant Orb, $40.00, Stilllily
12) Succulent Textured Tile, $195.00, ElementClayStudio


vmichelle said...

I love that succulents require so little care, but can look so lush! That wreath is awesome.

Silvana said...

Oh, yummy inspiration. You're preaching to the choir - succulents totally rock. Most of them are so geometric, bold and - can I say "modern" when describing plants? I love them for how robust and water efficient they are, too.

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