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June 23, 2010

I spent the bulk of last weekend in Lake Geneva relaxing with my good friend Rachel. My favorite part of the weekend was spent in the afternoon, sipping Coronas and dishing magazines and reality T.V. on the porch. It got me thinking of the importance of outdoor living spaces in the summer.
What's unavoidably charming about porches and patios is they're all about socializing: no T.V. no computers, just the company of others and the great outdoors. While my porch at home is a little small for my liking, these are some porches, patios and decks that I'm swooning over:

Above 4 images: Cottage Living

Sunset Magazine

So, what do you think? It's a pretty big mix of styles, huh? The common thread is that each one looks like a place you can sit back, relax and stay awhile.


donna mckenzie said...

i have been loving the first porch/patio pic for years!
i still have the mag!

Art Wall Katie said...

I miss Cottage Living magazine :(

Beth said...

I absolutely love the first two! And the image from Sunset?? Oh my, I would live there, no problem.

and flowers pick themselves said...

i want to steal everything in that 2nd image. gorgeous!

xo Alison

Sarah said...

I miss Cottage Living too! I agree that there is nothing better than a porch, especially a screened one, in the summer. All the ones you found are gorgeous!

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