art wall fix from supermarket sarah

July 28, 2010

I think this is such a swell concept for a website, I swear I thought of this first but no matter...actions speak louder than thoughts. Sarah, of Supermarket Sarah posts "walls" to her website, each curated with items ranging from artwork to plushies. When you hover over a specific piece, it is either highlighted or marked as "sold" and you can then click one it to purchase. Sarah also teams up with artisans and designers to offer "walls" exclusive to their work. This seems like a simple idea, however, I'm sure it takes Sarah hours upon hours to curate everything, photograph it, code each item and describe it. Those are no small feats. I love that you can also view items by categories on their own to get a bit better view. I've highlighted a few of my favorite walls below. Shop on.


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Amy / Handmade Evolution said...

these walls are incredible!! and you're so right, i can't imagine how long it would take to put them together. well - i know if i was putting them together it would take forever and i don't know if they'd look so great. thanks for sharing these :)

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