tuesday's top 12: feathers

July 27, 2010

This week's top twelve is inspired by one of my favorite current motifs: feathers. I was inspired by this shopbop find and decided to scout the marketplaces for some other gems.

1) Feathers Polaroid Print, $10.00, Kerryandhercamera
2) Feathers Print, Groundwork
3) Kitten and Feather Photographic Print, $25.00, Sharon Montrose
5) Feather Duo Necklace, $44.00, Verabel
6) Feathers 1 Original Painting, $28.00, Larkspur Studio

7) Won't Let Go Original Drawing, $50.00, Michele Maule
8) Pink Feathers Screenprint, $20.00, Friendsagain
10) Feather 2-Color Screenprint, $20.00, Newduds
12) Double Feather Necklace, $78.00, Gorjana



Linz said...

love feathers, always have. i have an old gold-plated feather ink pen. i've used it several times to write thank-you letters. it's one of my treasured keepsakes.

holly aka golly said...

Katie, Many thanks for including my feathers in this gorgeous collection! Holly

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