tuesday's top 12: inspired by the farmer's market

July 20, 2010

Wow, I'm not doing this on purpose but this space is fast-becoming an homage to my fair Madison. Note to self: cut down on the local posts. This collection is inspired by a tour we gave last weekend to friends visiting for the first time, we couldn't leave out our crown jewel: the Dane County Farmer's Market? There are tons of local markets around here throughout the week and several even on Saturday but this one tops them all, rain or shine, from April through November. It's the biggest producer-only market in the country. Behold, the farmer's market inspired top 12:

1) Straw Tote, $48.00, Belongings
2) The Farmer's Grapes, $30.00, Sweet Eventide
3) Honey Almond Cookies, $9.00, lhconfections
4) Vintage Orchard Basket, $26.00, Eathanollie

5) Pure Noe Valley Honey, $19.99, PollenPrincess
6) Spring in the Garden Fine Art Photo, $29.00, Leefee
8) 50 handmade Soaps, $129.95, InnerEarthSoaps

9) Housemade Granola, Cranberry-Almond, $9.00, CarissabHowell
11) Hable Construction's No. 5, $155.00, Hable Construction
12) Gourmet Spice Rub and Barbeque Kit, $16.00, PurposeDesign


Laia Jufresa said...

let us not forget about the honey seller with the hat in form of a hive!

I am terribly in love with the farmer's market too.

And with kettle corn!

Jessica Nichols said...

I am sad I didn't see this post way back when and I am really sad that my farmers market ended already. Why oh why San Carlos? Why must you end our market so soon? :(

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