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July 19, 2010

Please excuse my abuse of the iphone pictures. I've decided to take a real photography class this weekend so that I can officially use my DSLR. I've taken photography classes in the past but, similar to my knitting class, forgotten everything I learned and need a refresher. Here's some images that represent my weekend:

1) & 2) A breakfast out at Mermaid Cafe: a pretty plate wall and snazzy bike basket.
3) & 4) A super garden in our neighborhood.
I finally got around to hanging some new pieces this weekend. And by new, I mean I've been collecting them since March.
5) New porcelain pieces from Ashley G. (currently on sale for half-off.)
6) My vintage plastic birds painted aqua, Metlox plate clock and Neawear piece.
7) Can you spot the new addition to this assortment? The tiniest piece in the upper-right is an affordable piece from one of my favorite artists, Amy Rice.
How was your weekend? I hope you had equal parts "fun" and "getting stuff done."


Linz said...

where in the world do you live? can i live there? those photographs are so CHARMING!

Linz said...

Thank you for your comment! :) Yes, I wrote it. It was originally supposed to be a simple 3-verse poem on the bird boy and his sweater...and somehow, it evolved into that long bit o' craziness. Thanks for reading it through! Most people don't have that kind of an attention span. :D

Art Wall Katie said...

hmm, it is a charming place to live (Madison, Wisconsin) however, the shake-it-photo app may as well be called beer goggles.

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