local life: odana antique mall

August 26, 2010

Although I really miss the many huge antique malls in Chicago, Madison has its share of fun vintage and antique shopping spots within the city limits. My trip to the Odana Antique Mall last week did not land a purchase (good girl) but it did land some fun finds. Wanna see?

I'd like know a bit about the fancy lady who first owned this pink luggage set. The round hat box really tipped it over the cute edge for me.

I think I'm drawn to chemistry glassware because it reminds me of going to my dad's lab when I was growing up. This booth had an elaborate display of test tubes, beakers and other science-y stuff.

It's hard to see from this less-than-stellar photo, but this booth had really great merchandising and styling. I bet the dealer has a cute house.

If only the ceiling in my bedroom were higher, I'd love to hang this beautiful blue glass chandelier from it. Gorgeous and just under $400. It's up for grabs!


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emily b said...

Oh, I WANT that chandelier! Though I don't think I could get away with spending $400 when I just bought myself a new sewing machine...

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