vouching "four"

August 30, 2010

I started the pining four and vouching four columns when I first started working on the Art Wall blog. I stopped doing them a while back, I think I forgot about them or something...maybe I fell out of love with the idea, I honestly don't remember but I'm bringing them back for a round 2. Here's four thing's for which I will vouch:

1) The most under-appreciated flower around: baby's breath. I think its so pretty and it lasts forever. I buy a small bunch at the market, split it up and use it in the bathrooms and on bedside tables. So sweet.
2) Summer! As September approaches, the lull of fall is easy to succumb to, but don't dismiss the last days of this magnificent season. Despite the bugs and the heat, its got my heart. Viva el Verano!
3) Adina's tiny disc gold necklace. My favorite jewelry staple. I actually can't find it right now so I'm throwing this into the universe to try out that law of attraction I keep hearing about :)
4) Rainbows. It had been way, way too long since I'd seen one. This one was a full arch and obviously too beautiful for pictures.

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