November 30, 2010

If I did a top 12 today, it would be "the things I hate most about making roman shades." Each time I make them (I've made a total of 9, now) I promise myself I will never do it again but darnit I just like them too much. Progress on the nursery and my little lady's toddler room is coming along swiftly. The "big girl" room's walls went from wood to white, my thrift store dresser is now navy. The nursery got a new crib skirt and said window treatments, and everything pink got a fresh coat of chameleon green. So much left to do but lots of checks on the list, too.



Anonymous said...

WHOA! Roman shades from a PLAID! I am not worthy! I bow to your mad skills! ;-) Seriously, that was truly gutsy! Looks fabulous though!

Art Wall Katie said...

Yeah, plaid was a bad choice. I paid for it in man hours.

LAURA said...

maybe you can cheat the next time you make them. i found this link a while ago but have not tried it:

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