swimming in a sea of chevron

January 25, 2011

This weekend had me swimming in a sea of chevron. After 2 full days of nonstop: measuring, cutting, pinning, ironing, folding, sewing and eye-balling, Polly's drapes are finished. I hadn't planned on making drapes, in fact, I told someone not one week earlier that I would never make drapes again but once I pinned the fabric up in a flat-panel style, they just looked so plain. I thought a few tucks and pleats wouldn't be too much to handle. Of course they have lots of little mistakes that probably nobody will ever notice (except me) but the important part is that they are done and hanging up. The room is pretty much finished, I'm just waiting for the chair from my upholsterer.

Of all the things on my intentions list, it's really the one I was dreading the most. How am I doing with the other ones? Not awful, I've been answering the phone much, much more and it's great because now I don't have to return phone calls all the time, who knew that would be a bonus? The menu planning is going well. We don't always stick with the plan but it helps to have one most days. We finished painting the entryway last weekend, a year after construction on it was finished. All spending has been tracked since January 1st. As I thought, it's helping us realize the areas we need to work on...me: buying things for the kid(s) and house, and poor planning at the grocery store and Ryan: eating out and cash withdraws. I've also been using the supplies from my stash and listening to more music. We brought our computer speakers up from the basement and have been plugging the ipods/iphones in. The fact that it sounds better than a tinny laptop is helping. I haven't had the boy yet (that's a good thing) or printed pictures out. I can't say that I've worked on my photography much, or enjoyed the winter, it's been sooooo cold. Baby steps.

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Unknown said...

Love the fabric, Katie! Can't wait to see Polly's big girl room :)

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