top 12: things to make, buy or just look at for your v-day

January 26, 2011

Another late top 12 post. I've included things you can make yourself in this one (with links to tutorials.) Valentine's day is sooooo pretty.

1) Beautiful garland made by Dottie Angel
2) Krista Maurer made this garland following this tutorial.
3) This pretty necklace is for sale in MerriWeatherCouncil's shop, $32.00

4) Love this unusual color combination. Read all about it on Between the Lines.
5) A simple, perfect valentine card: KathrynWhyte, $3.00
6) Pretty citrine necklaces: TheVamoose, $34.00

7) Another unique garland: 42nd and Orange.
8) Perfect little dishes for keeping jewelry tidy: DarriellesClayArt, $8.00
9) A sweet image made with a Gocco: LilacMoonStudio, $4.00
10) The sweetest heart day surprise: ArtMind, $65.00

11) Sweet Pom Pom garland made by Star's Fault.
12) How can you compare this to a hallmark: custom hand embroidered note: $25.00 CornflowerBlueStudio.


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