start with art: michelle armas

March 30, 2011

This edition of "Start with Art" is dedicated I've been thinking about redoing my dining room for a bit now. Not a total re-do but a freshening up. I've got way too much yellow going on right now and I'm over the terra cotta walls. I bought a new dining room set super cheap on Craig's. Actually, rewinding a bit, I bought a set of 5 shield-back chairs at a local antique store for $125. My plan was to buy 2 arm chairs to supplement the side chairs, but I found a set of 6 matching shield-back chairs and an oval table during my search for $250, which was less than I thought the 2 chairs would be. Needless to say, I now have 11 chairs and a table to refinish/rework. My normal limit of furniture I allow myself to keep en queue is one. Unfortunately, I already had one piece waiting before any of this craziness so now there's a total of 13 pieces in my basement waiting for love.

But don't fear, I have a plan.
-I've been pining after Michelle Armas's pieces for some time now and I've decided to use this piece as inspiration for the room. The colors are absolutely perfect. In real life, I will probably buy one of her prints, I'm not sure a $1400 painting is in my future but a girl can dream.
-The brown bambooish drapes, the light fixture, buffet, rug and mirror are here to stay.
-The current table and chairs are up for grabs.
-I've already found someone to sand and paint the chairs white for a reasonable price with a 10-day turn-around.
-My spring/summer project will be the table and upholstery.
-I'm thinking either the Imperial Trellis, Chiang Mai Dragon or a simple green/cream houndstooth fabric for the chairs.
-The brown and pink pillows will go on the bench I have in the room.
-I'm undecided about the walls still. (paint/wallpaper/stencil)
I think that covers everything. Anyone wanna buy a dining set?


Unknown said...

Yes, I want your dining set! Just called you about it. Give me a call when you can :) I love your new chairs!

Fireside Sets said...

You should be artistic to make your own wall art. Art is the best way of expressing your feeling. Some of wall art is made by the people who feel happy and contented so that their art is very touching.

fireplace screen said...

Painting is one of my hobby and it really makes me happy. The paintings above show happiness I think. Every painting will be good and nice if we put our feelings in doing it and if we paint it with happiness in our heart.

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