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November 09, 2009

I’ve always been drawn to art and display. At age five I was blowing through my six-color Crayola paint sets at the rate of one per week. By elementary school I was tagging along with my mother to watch her set up exhibits at the museum where she worked. When I completed studies at the University of Illinois, I joined the design department of Paper Source in Chicago making samples and styling products for images used in catalogs and on the website. I later moved to Madison, Wisconsin and continued working in visuals: merchandising clothing and accessories pages and putting together themed assortments for Shopbop.com.

After the birth of my daughter, I retired from corporate life and opened an online shop of mostly Gocco prints. Witnessing the enormous popularity of handmade marketplaces and design-made-affordable publications like the sorely missed Domino made me realize there was something missing from the experience of shopping for art online: the “wow” factor that inspired display adds to the equation. I saw an opportunity to bring the two together.

Art Wall Online was born of my desire to marry my love of art with my background in display and visual merchandising. The Art Wall Blog was started to share this love but it also encompasses other areas of design not found on the website. Basically it's open to anything that inspires me, be it: fashion, craft, animation, home decor, people, shopping, eating, gardening, music, traveling.... I'm not creating any barriers for myself. Please enjoy!


leaca said...

First I want to say I love your blog. I found it in the class blogroll and I have been smitten ever since. I also like your about me section. I was wondering how you stumbled upon your idea for this blog...very clever. =]

Valerie Drake Lesiak said...

I love your site and that you promote artists and the display of artwork to warm the walls of your home. Thank you!

mittika said...

this is interesting , I am from INDIA we traditionally have wall and floor decorations.
do visit my site www.artgeetakapadia.

Rush Creek Mosaics said...

One of my favorite blogs! will be checking in daily!

Anonymous said...

in case anyone is into polaroid transfers check out this site:

also I can turn any jpeg image into a fuji-roid transfer for 15$ get in touch through my etsy shop ...( all the transfers on the site are done with fuji film now that polaroid 669 is gone, )

Anonymous said...

What!? I just NOW found your site/blog. You are doing some great things...I'd expect nothing less! Do you remember me? My PS Pal...

I, too also had a daughter and kind of "retired" from the corporate world. It's so overrated. Hope to hear from you soon!


Art Wall Katie said...

Hi Allison! Good to hear from you, I didn't get a web address or email! Hope you're doing well.

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