art of note: photographs by cali

November 13, 2009

I saw these photographs at Madison's Art Fair on the Square this summer. I've been thinking about them ever since, especially the shoes. Both my husband and my father take great pride in their dress shoes. I have vivid memories of my dad getting out his shoe-shining kit every time he donned his brown leather wing-tips, each time explaining that he had worn them first on his wedding day. They are still in his closet after 45 years. It is these kinds of memories and feelings that artist/photographer Cali Hobgood Lemme tries to evoke in her work.

Cali's life in photography started professionally in 1986, and originally in 1978 when she took photography as a Junior High student. Cali currently lives and works in (ahem-my hometown) Champaign, Illinois, where she uses: film, a darkroom, and artist's oils to add a distinct dimension to her images. You can find Cali and her pieces at numerous art fairs across the US during the well-weather months, as well as on her website. Prices range from around $300 for her smaller pieces (which area actually not small at all) to around $1000 for the largest ones. Santa, are you listening?


Anonymous said...

Oh! That GREEN on the bed! I've found a new color I must become obsessed with until I can dye it!

renee said...

Hi Katie,

Cali was at the Ann Arbor Art Fair and I had the opportunity to see her beautiful work up close. This post was a nice reminder for me.

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