art wall fix: danielle thompson of tinybazaar

November 22, 2009

Pretty lovely, huh? These images come from the multi-talented Danielle Thompson of Tiny Bazaar. Danielle is a self-professed not-photographer, but she plays one on the internet. I'd say she does a good (fake) job. These photos are of her dreamy home where she seamlessly marries old with new. Her art wall is actually more of a frame wall, but it works--her curating is superb. Danielle has a way with frames, in addition to her wall she also sells super-sweet digital and printed frames for use on blogs, in scrapbooks or on cards. For all this inspiration and more (she's also into hand embroidery, sewing, crochet, and graphic design) visit Danielle's blog, you won't be sorry.


Hijiri said...

wow, I LOOOOVE this!!!

you have a Great website, great blog, Katie!! :)

Art Wall Katie said...

Thanks so, so much, Hijiri. Good luck with your Poppytalk table!

Null said...

Coming from an art historical, art marketing background, I'm intrigued by how the concept of framing and mounting a "collection" is so open for interpretation and play.

The old idea was that a frame preserves something important and valuable; however, the concept is being turned on its ear. Hey, let's frame a dollar store find, a piece of scrap paper, a taxidermy animal part. Heck, the glass is obsolete too.

I like this play on the frame, the re-evaluation of its purpose and what it may become as we move forward.

btw, I went to UW-Madison, my hubby is from Chicago, and we now live in NYC where I graduate from FIT. Funny intersections of our two lives, eh?

Jennifer Squires Ross said...

Such a gorgeous home! And her photography is beautiful too!

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