pining four...a wintery mix

November 30, 2009

Four things I'd like to put on my mantle this winter...
1) Humane Antlers by Lost Nation. I have one of these guys on my mantle already, but I think he needs a sidekick, or two. 2) Neawear's Taxidermy Deer Wallwear 4 carries on the faux antler theme here. 3) 5 porcelain keys from the curiosity shop. I'd hang a few horizontally and the rest vertically for a sweet cluster. 4) Newton the Barn Owl photographic print. You can get a small (7x7") one but since this is a "pining four" post, I'm linking to the 16x16" biggie to hold court over my fire.

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Lost Nation said...

Thanks you so much for including my Humane Antlers. I love your blog

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