the family room is live

December 07, 2009

Art Wall's family room is live today and it's too cute for words. How fitting that this room is being featured in December. I didn't plan for it when I did the schedule months ago, but this is the room we hang out in most during the cold months. Our normal "hang out" room is faareeezing in the winter so the family-room beckons with its cozy fireplace and sparkly Christmas tree. I've decided I need a "buy the entire wall" button for the website-- i'd be the first one to use it. Thanks to each of the 9 new artists. Be sure to click on each piece, read their bios and take a closer looksie. I think they're all pretty special. Welcome!

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jacqueline said...

Gorgeous! The room looks sooo cozy and warm! I'm off to the cozy family room! Loving those art! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

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