gift guide 3: $50 to $100

December 03, 2009

This is the 3rd out of 4 gift guides I'm sharing this week. This assortment is everything you might want under your tree in the $50-$100 range. BTW, I put the camera in the first row because I really want it! (HINT) From top left to bottom right: 1) Large Vintage Frame Corkboard, $87.00, Blue Bell Bazar 2) Fuji Instax Instant Camera, $85.00, Adorama 3) Rosewood Ring with Birch Lining, $85.00, Stout Woodworks 4) Miniature floral original painting, $80.00, Wondercabinet 5) Laptop Sleeve, $68.00, Byrd and Belle 6) Multicolor Crochet Scarf, $85.00, Subrosa123 7) Little Legs Textile, $65.00, Lauramiss 8) Custom Portrait Silhouette Plate, $50.00, Dolamakes 9) Letterpress Starter Kit, $70.00, 10) Natural Rainbow Moonstone Necklace, $82.00, Annekiel 11) Imperial Trellis Pillow, $65.00, Decorative Instincts 12) Faux Bling Scarf, $108.00, Littlepurls 13) One-button Neck Warmer, $55.00, Knittles 14) Sterling Acorn Necklace, $60.00, Gur Kimel 15) Branch Earrings--Gold Plate, $50, Nervous System 16) Charcoal and Curry Lap Quilt, $52.00, Red Velvet Art


Jamie Schendel said...

What a great idea, Katie! The website and the gift ideas. I just sent Chester a link and he found some things he liked. He also mentioned that you are really talented. :)

Blogging Masterclass said...

These gift guides are wonderful Katie, I'm glad I saw them because they not only gave me some great suggestions but managed to make me feel like I'm a moron because I've not posted anything like this in ages... he he. I was going to do a gift guide but just ran out of steam. I applaud your work, these are hard to put together (and code the links eek!) but this is just great... love it.

Art Wall Katie said...

Jamie-Thank you. That is quite a compliment, especially coming from Chester :)

Art Wall Katie said...

Holly, thanks so much. That means a lot.

Teresa said...

Just popped over from decor8...delighted to find you! Oh I do so love looking at all of these lovely items!
CRAZY about that crochet scarf! Oh I do want that as a GIFT to me!

Anonymous said...

I love your gift lists, I also adore the mad crochet scarf!

My Owl Barn said...

Quiet a gift guide. I love that you have included a camera too :)

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