thank you, decor8

December 16, 2009

A big huge "thank you" to Holly of decor8 for the shout last week. I am beyond honored that Art Wall seemed special enough to be featured in such a fabulous blog, it has been my absolute favorite daily read since I learned what a "web log" was. The entire review is right here. Thanks again, Holly, it truly made my day.



Simple Daisy said...

Yeah for you!! I think your blog is super cute:)

karey m. said...

i was just trolling around, looking for inspiration...and here i am.

i think i've found it. love love love your sight.

very much so.

and well done. bookmarking now. will be back when my eyes aren't so bleary.

thanks for this! xoxo.

fresh365 said...

Congrats! I saw the post and that is very exciting!!

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