art wall fix from dottie angel

January 22, 2010

Tif Fussell aka Dottie Angel is the kind of gal who seems to live a charmed life. She creates the beauty around her with her two talented hands. I'm not quite sure why she is not: A) the highest-paid stylist in the world. B) The writer/photographer of the best craft book ever. C) Martha Stewart's more-lifelike replacement. D) My penpal.

Tif is a regular contributor to the Art Wall flickr group and every image has me drooling, she is an amazing stylist and photographer. This particular image shows that you can thrift a few sorry-looking frames, paint them up pretty and showcase a nice little assortment of photos or prints.

Tif has a general website, an amazing Etsy shop, a charming blog, and (sorry perfectbound) my new fave flicker photostream. I dare you to spend less than five minutes looking through her goodies.


Linz said...

I agree. Her talent is amazing. I love the simplicity yet subtle details of her design. Beautiful!!!

Amy / Handmade Evolution said...

couldn't agree more - i am constantly inspired by dottie angels lovely finds/pictures and styling! gorgeous stuff.

Laura said...

Thanks for the new find! You are so right about Tif's beautiful styling and who could live with out a "grand doily whatnot dish..." !

Vineeta said...

WoW!!! This is neat! I've got a new artist to check out!
I must confess I've seen your blog a few times before and been a huge admirer, but never left a comment & so I was thrilled to see who had commented on my blog :)

Jennifer Katherine said...

Love how they are grouped on the wall! Thanks for sharing a new artist with me! Love being inspired!

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