art wall fix from lisa congdon

February 10, 2010

I'm amazed by the talents of Lisa Congdon. She was one of my first "favorite artists" and can you blame me? Just look at how creative she is in her home. She basically started a cult revolution with her wall of plates and this assortment is nothing short of amazing. My favorite part is the double-reference to a black old-time sailboat. Can you spy? The image is of Lisa's newly redecorated kitchen nook, so it only exists as a photograph now, but we can still enjoy it. Bravo!



snoweflake farm said...

love lisa's work and her wall art! want to redo mine!!!

Jillian Frances said...

Lisa was one of my first favorite artists too. I read her old blog religiously and she, more than anyone else, inspired me to go back to art and being creative in my adult life.

Art Wall Katie said...

That is so sweet, Jillian. Isn't it neat when we can track back to one person who changed our life, even if just in a little way?

Art Wall Katie said...

Lucy, you better not change yours, I love it.!

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