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February 16, 2010

What's in a frame? I'd say everything! A good mat and frame can make something mundane into something exquisite. One of my favorite framed pieces is mummy cloth my dad brought back from Egypt in 1979. My mom had it elegantly and simply framed and passed it down to me (with a little persuasion). While I don't think anyone can disagree that professional framing is ideal, sometimes you have to throw some less expensive options in the mix. Here's my list of top 10 sources:
1) Ebay! Search vintage frames in the home/garden section. You can refurbish by painting, if needed. Black is always a good option.
2) Thrift stores/garage sales/flea markets--try to focus on the frames and not what's inside, unless you like what's inside then you've got a double-win!
3) Pottery Barn--The image above is of PB's oversized mat frames.
4) West Elm's--Gallery frames are quite nice.
5) Ikea-One word:Ribba. I profess, I've always thought the mat was a little too thin on the sides, but this is a good, cheap frame.
6) Urban Outfitters--this set of 10 frames would be great dispersed and used as fillers in different rooms. $28.00? Are you kidding?
7) American Frame--I've actually never purchased from this online shop but have seen rave reviews online.
8) CB2--the Gallery frames are simple and stylish.
9) Michaels--40% off coupons, anyone?
10) Local Frame Shops--for their miscuts and returns. I stock up at Jayson Home and Garden in Chicago. They have monthly warehouse sales and keep smaller mis-cut frames stocked all the time. I buy simple black and white standard sized frames then take them to my local framer to finish-off once I have the artwork picked. Having a custom mat and glass cut is still much cheaper than a full custom job. What about you, do you have a secret source for frames on the cheap?


Linz said...

ok, not only was this blog post awesome, but it was exceedingly useful. i taped up some pics on the wall to see how they'd look...and all i need now are the frames. thank you!

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing where I can buy frames. I love your blog. So many pretty pictures. I am also a BYW student. Off to explore the rest of your blog.

leaca said...

OOOOOH thanks for sharing!

Lori from ChicGeek Designs said...

Great post! I'm always needing frames. Especially now that I keep buying from feature artists on your blog. ;-)

Piper said...

Love this post...very helpful (especially since I just bought a bunch of frames to hang over the weekend!) I'm a fellow BYW-er :)

frauheuberg said...

oh, a lovley post...and great sources also for a german people like me...;)...thanks for your blog...cheers ines

Miss Wedding said...

Its funny that you should talk about frames - I have quite a few pictures under the bed that have been there for ages waiting to be framed. For some reason I keep putting it off thinking its a hassle/ expensive, but you're right there are so many options out there! Time to dig them out and get framing. BTW I love the photo in this post too.

Metal Wall Art said...

I also like putting pictures on display on my wall. And I have been looking for inexpensive frames to use. Thanks so much for your tips!

Plumbing said...

The best thing is the miniature photo frames are pretty inexpensive and is light on your pocket. So, you can also buy the miniature photo frames in bulk amount so that you can gift them to just anyone that you wish.

Steve Brown said...

Awesome Wall Arts. Extraordinary Tips. Seriously it is a excellent post. I liked very much.

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