an art wall in the making (real not virtual)

March 15, 2010

We had a little construction done in our home this winter which forced us to strip a few walls bare, patch holes and re-paint. I'm taking it as an opportunity to put up 2 new art walls--one in the entryway and one in the dining room. I have a mini-collection of things to disperse between the two areas. Now the fun part..planning and hanging.
Pieces are as follows:
1) Vintage painting from purchased somewhere in Chicago between 1998 and 2004.
2) Wedding pic of me and the hubs.
3) Vintage feather plate from Atomic Interiors in Madison, Wisconsin.
4) Michele Maule print I got as a bonus when I ordered #15 (in a thrifted frame).
5) Letter box from Architectural Artifacts in Chicago.
6) Gocco prints on an old letter by The Littlest Flower.
7) Leigh Wells Gocco print "where I sit" on page.
9) Old horseshoe. Not sure from where.
10) Skeleton keys from Architectural Artifacts in Chicago.
11) Polaroid transfer I made from a slide of me and my sisters with my mom circa 1975.
12) Michele Maule original collage/painting.
13) Metal "S" from from Architectural Artifacts in Chicago.
14) Paintings, Jeremy Kirchgraber (sorry can't find a link for him).
15) Michele Maule Gocco/Screenprint titled "Seven Wishes"
16) Christoper Jagmin odd number plate set.
Geeze, can you tell I like Michele Maule? I guess I only purchased 2 of the 3 but still. Love her. Stay tuned for the results later this week.


snoweflake farm said...

Katie! I love your art wall fix....I like the character each different art wall unique and surprising....a tiny glimpse into another person's style!!! Keep them coming!

Amy / Handmade Evolution said...

your art wall is so great! i love seeing glimpses into other people's homes - thank you for letting us take a peek.

4K 2016 said...

Jeremy Kirchgraber here.
And here's a link:

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