tuesday's top 12: birds and bees!

March 23, 2010

Guess what, it's Tuesday! Time for my top 12 and the theme this week is: birds and bees. Get your head out of the gutter, I mean literally..the things that fly, not ...ya know. We've been having some unusually warm weather here in the Midwest recently despite a minor blip this weekend I'm trying to forget. In honor of spring's arrival, here's my list of top 12 birds and bees:
1) Eep Shopping Bag, $25.00, Skinny Laminx 2) The Bird Has A New Home (original mixed media), $25.00, Annamaria Potamiti 3) Peep This Card, $4.50, 2ndcoming 4) The Bee Keepers Print, $20.00, Kiki and Polly

1) Honeycomb Heart Original Papercutting, $32.00, Louveteau 2) Bird at the Beach Fine Art Photo, $24.00, Lucy Snowe 3) Bee Print (from original oil painting), $23.00, RozArt 4) Strange Bird Digital Print, $15.00, Isa Catto

1) City View 1 Print, $375.00, Ricki Mountain 2) Love Birds Screen Print, $25.00, Love Little 3) Apis Mellifera Sterling Silver Necklace, $58.00, Wearthou 4) Branch and Bird Art Quilt, $19.00, Candied Fabrics


Anonymous said...

Ooh! I love all these - even before i scrolled all the way down and saw my my wee little guys! Thanks for including me Katie!

Unknown said...

Oh beautiful birds! I love birds, too! xo

Re:Design Technologies said...

Lovely! Thank you for rounding these guy up just in time for Easter! I've been thinking about birds and bees too. Spring is in the air...

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