tuesday's top 12: drops!

March 09, 2010

Raindrops, teardrops or just plain ole drip, drip, drip, drops--whatever you want to call them, I want to collect them. Below is my top 12 list for this charming little motif. Please enjoy.
1) Original Painting, Little Teardrop, $70.00, The Little Fox
2) Poppies and Raindrops, Lara Cameron
3) 10 Letterpress Thank You Cards, $35.00, Duet Letterpress
4) Gypsy Peacock Earrings, $18.00, Ten Things
5) Mobile Rain of Colors, $22.00, The Butter Flying
6) Late Night Mist, Original: $155.00, Print: $18.00, Gretchenmist
7) Miniature Raindrop, $19.95, ashleyg
8) Sorrows Papier Mache Drops, $24.00, Paulaegan
9) Rain Drops Collage Piece, $85.00, Bombus
10) Marimekko Pisaroi Umbrella, $40.00, FinnStyle
11) Wall Stickers, $20.00, Violet
12) Large Raindrops Original Painting, $42.00, Kipi



snoweflake farm said...


annamaria potamiti said...

Uplifting drops! I would love to have them all too!
Annamaria :)

julie @ duet letterpress said...

what a sweet surprise! thanks so much for the feature.

Paula Egan said...

beautiful! thank you for including my papier mache.

The Little Fox said...

That is one stunning selection! Thank you so much for featuring my Little Teardrop painting!

Unknown said...

a perfectly beautiful post! i also loved your blog it forward post. sweet. thank you for including my peacock earrings.

Stone School said...

Beautiful.... like the breath of fresh spring rain....

one sydney road said...

Wow, you made rain look appealing!! I just love the note cards and napkins. What a fun collage:)

KIPI (Kim Piotrowski) said...

What a diverse collection...nicely put together! Thank you for including my work. Bookmarking your site, it's just beautiful.

Jessica Nichols said...

I love this post. I am obsessed with this post. I love the organic form and shape of drops and am drawn to them all over blogland and internetland and etsyland. Also you must click on #8 and read the item description. It is one of the best I have ever read.

alix said...

This is crazy lovely. Such a perty collection of things....and that little tear drop shape is so sweet!


Fine Little Day said...

Thank you so much Katie :)

Lulu said...

oh i love all these wonderful drop inspired things! they're so pretty!


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